Now: Kegging

Under the tree Christmas day, there was a large wrapped box from my friends. It sat there for a whole week and I was extremely curious to what it was, especially for something that size to be shipped down to me.

Christmas day came and I opened the box... I was floored. Two brand new ball-lock kegs, 10 pound C02 tank, and all the fittings. A complete keg set! I couldn't thank them enough. Here's what it looked like after I hooked everything up:

This is something I've been wanting for a few years now, and thanks to the extraordinary and unexpected gift from my friends, its now a reality. I can finally drop (most) of my bottling and move everything into the kegs. This will not only cut down on work for me but i'll also get perfectly carbed beer now.

I've since put it into my fridge down in my basement beer room, its now in its home and awaiting beer!

Kegs in the fridge

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