Fright Night - 1985 vs 2011

I'm a big, big fan, of 80s horror films. Some are cheesy, some are great; some are so bad that they're good! No matter what they are, they're usually pretty entertaining.

This week I sat down and watched Fright Night; the 1985 version and compared it to the 2011 remake version featuring Colin Farrell.

Right off the bat, the 1985 version provided a better atmosphere and actually had character development, unlike the rushed-feeling of the 2011 version. It really did a good job with the mother-to-son relationship between Charley and his mother, as well as the relationship dilemma between Charley and Jane.

As well, "Evil Ed" in 1985 actually had an "evil" aspect to him. He was dorkey, socially awkward, sinister and down-right strange, even his laugh was perfect. My opinion, "McLovin" didn't come close to the look or personality at all. It was a real let down for the me to see such disregard for Evil Ed in the remake. It's like the writers overlooked him and considered him to not be of importance. Wrong.

The biggest thing that picked my peeves was Peter Vincent. In the 1985 film, he was a famous on-TV host of "Fright Night" who was a well-known self-proclaimed vampire killer. Fright Night TV show was dedicated to horror films featuring Peter Vincent as the star himself in many films. What did we get for the 2011 version? Some stupid, homeless-looking, Russell Brand-wannabe magician. Like really? A magician who claims to be a vampire killer? At least in the 1985 film Peter had a TV show to backup his claims. Pathetic!

Oh, and Jerry. We actually get a sense of mystery and surprise with Jerry in the 1985 version. The 2011 version completely rushed his character and shredded him like useless meat. They threw everything out into the open and left nothing to the imagination. Especially with all the girls who went to Jerry's house and never came out... they completely ruined your imagination of what goes on "behind closed doors" and decided to show the audience their vision. And what about Jerry's creepy room-mate? Not to be seen in 2011 version.

Besides the characters, the general atmosphere of 1985 version was a lot more real. Even the effects for 1985 you could tell they put real honest effort into it, like when Peter speared Evil Ed and he turned into vampire/wolf creature or even Jerry's general appearance when he was being stuck by the dawning light in the basement. It had an aspect to it where it felt more real than some load of CGI blue-screen plastered on top.

In conclusion however, character development is an important aspect in movies -- at least it used to be before the millennium! Its something 80s/90s movies got right. And on that note, Fright Night 2011 might as well be tossed in the toilet, its a disgrace to the original.