Cutting The Cord: Final Verdict

This should be pretty sweet and to the point! Because, it rocks. A month and so later, I still have no urge for the old-fashioned boring cable cord.

Netflix and other streaming services have been above-and-beyond great for me. The selections are perfectly tuned for me, all the shows I love to watch are at my finger tips, hundreds of unseen movies, and a constantly updated library - I'm pretty happy. On top of this to my surprise, Fibre Op has not phoned me since to "offer a deal" which I think is strange but I guess they got my point loud and clear.

My computer/tv-box setup continues to work well, I've noticed however with Youtube it tends to spin the GPU fans up a bit but not enough to worry.

So overall, overly impressed and so is my family - the kids section is great! It seems the cord will remain cut :)

Cover image credit to: Tyler Lastovich

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