Cutting the Cord: Day One

Content. Content. Content. In this age dominated by technology, people want more things and they want it yesteday. With the rise of streaming on-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, more people are returning their clunky cable boxes and buying sleek modern media boxes (Roku, Apple TV, plain ol' computers too).

I previously had a fiber optic bundle (TV, internet, and phone) for a resonable price of $115 a month. Recently, as of this year, that number has gone through the roof (specificly the TV pricing only). I kid you not, almost a $200 bill a month; and I don't even watch the TV enough to justify me spending that amount. I watch a bit of hockey, and one or two shows, that's it. I was mostly paying over $100 (TV part) a month so my daughter could watch Teletoon and some cartoons. We literally have no competition here for services sadly this company dominates the entire region and I had enough of wasting money.

So, time to save! I did my homework and jumped onto the streaming bandwagon with the help of some folks at /r/cordcutters. I bought an unblocker package from (who have excellent apps and support), bought a Netflix account, and dusted off my 3 year-old computer tower - putting her to work! I looked into getting a Roku box but sadly it does not offer Advanced Network Settings so I would not be able to unblock it. Apple TV was a great solution but missed a few key features I needed for my family viewing. So the computer is the solution as of writing this.

My first impression: blown away. I could not believe the amount of content on Netflix American and how well it tuned itself to content I like to watch. Best of all, the part I was worried about... the kids section... it was better than expected! My daughter took the selection right away, even some of the old cartoons are there for her to watch. She completely loved it. A great collection of new shows, old shows, educations shows, and a huge slew of movies to watch.

Of course a few things were missing... like hockey (oh no, you poor Canadian!). But gladly, CBC Sports streams hockey live in HD on their website so I can still catch my weekly games including the playoffs. I'm still heart broken over Boston being put out...

But it's great... a fantastic selection at my finger tips and a great use out of my old computer. The cable boxes are packed up and ready to be sent back. I was nervous about the move at first, but in the end it worked out perfectly and for the best. My bill now for "TV" will go from $100+ down to just $15.00.

I'll make a quick update in two weeks time.

Cover image credit to: Tyler Lastovich

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